Overcoming a Lisp Speech Impediment Fast

Before the application of the following treatments, how to get rid of LISP should explain to parents because of their longer duration of children stutter, throat and respiratory flow closure appeared to malfunction, how to get rid of stress reduction methods simple LISP can not reduce or eliminate stuttering, how to get rid of LISP and to explain the complexity. The behavior of the speech, as if to get rid of LISP to tell their children to speak fluent process, some aspects need not perform the necessary training. The unusual circumstances of the child and performing the treatment. The principles and methods of treatment are the following:

1. We need to design a slow speed with which the word or phrase in the game.how to get rid of lisp, if possible, that ‘s 15 – slow 25 words. We are aware that children can not speak to the doctor very slow, so we asked the children to speak and to demonstrate how slow is slow to speak, put an end to the children “wave” (faster or slower) type of language, how to get rid of LISP slow rate of speech can be reduced to word repetition the number of times and the ease of starting to sound editing.

2. The volume design a soft formation we speak.how to get rid of LISP children may be able to say that some particular phrases or sentences, how to get rid of LISP but not soft, we demand that the children speak softly, in many cases they will whisper (vocal cords do not vibrate and talk with the breath), how to get rid of LISP it is acceptable. We don ‘t want to effect high whisper (whisper loud), because it can increase muscle tension and the emergence of the phenomenon of the diaphragm clamping throat. As the voltage of the throat does not reach the state of relaxation is desired, gentle, how to get rid of LISP slow to speak several times can lead to soft “obstruction” or “duplication” phenomenon, but there is no air suspension of the “blocking” phenomenon, Gago was improved when the block is only a short period of time., or “repeat” the phenomenon, the clinical observation that children drag words or reorganize the small probability of a sentence, it is likely to continue given the word target or target word occurs when the impact of stuttering is relatively small. Let him practise selective vocabulary directed to maximize the function of the larynx.

3. Voice stuttering children speak “vowels, consonants,” how to get rid of stuttering of LISP “voiceless” will have an impact, but also concerned about the word “sound start” and “end” of the laryngeal function sound effects, how to get rid of lisp, many children when he met the initial vowel or the sound of the ditongo is when stuttering more serious, and sometimes made the problems of word initial, phenomena of the pause. Clinical experience of foreign found that, when the word initial consonants sound, the child is a more fluent speech, in normal circumstances, no need to let children know that the word is more difficult to say, how to get rid of LISP if he looks very worried about this, we can say a few words easy to say. Help them to avoid difficult words.

4. Respiration and respiratory control of breathing the air, air suspension of the throat and mouth breathing, a long time ago talking about the air flow is insufficient, the phrases “delay” for some common symptoms in the patients with stuttering. For children, breathe air control can be more difficult, so we designed a child can relax breathing return to normal breathing pattern of the game. First, it is not necessary to talk about activities, such as parents, children, doctors, sit back, relax (not “sleep break”), looking up at the ceiling, very easily inhaled, expired, does not change the pattern of normal breathing. Relax and then a small amount in the gas exhaled smoothly, that is the participative manner, father and son, treatment, the first demonstration of doctor and then imitate their parents, then, after the child to imitate. Then we have the “breeze” done “000” woo sound, such as the children prefer, the doctor may be in the same way as some of the figures or words, and then a child to imitate. Initially, each breath a word fat and after each breath, phrases, and short hair

Sentence, to maintain the continuity of the air and the pronunciation. The technique is also effective for children and parents to make a slow moving turtle game. Draw a brown paper in the road, hill, sea turtles and gently slide down from the mountains, moving slowly. In the same way to make a sound or a word and rolled slowly down. The goal is to make all the sound gently and slowly say, only the initial sound or lengthening of the vowel is not correct.

5. The effort and the tension of the muscle in children, sometimes they seem to speak a word, tight in the chest and abdomen rigid, tell him to relax, but often do not know how to do it. Doctors can massage gently to the side of your abdomen, how to get rid of LISP while saying “keep her soft belly,” more effective in some children.

6. The pace as the children love to sing, we can use some words or syllables to sing, clap and sing when you can use the plastic container with a wooden spoon to get the rhythm of the effects of percussion. Win in several ways, we can also use the drums to train the pace.

7. Attitude in appropriate circumstances, children should hear our conversation, we should also learn to speak with him. When we talk about, when the error is not an important event, you can correct the error. In addition, the error is “not bad”, which can alert the parents or doctors need to communicate verbally with the children as much as possible without evaluative words such as “right”, “error”, “good” and “bad” very good “and to praise words like” our ideas the same “and” painted a beautiful figure “, instead he was having problems, so to say, we are able to participate in your conversation, and can implement this strategy and treatment of stuttering and other strategies used in combination.

In the culture of today in the treatment of personal feelings and all aspects of life, many families are trying to open a way. However, how to get rid of lisp, suggested that they should ignore the existence of children stutter. Stuttering occurs when children avoid verbal agreement with this situation. The parents concerned about children hands injured, injured, dirty, torn clothing, and the children want the parents to take care of their difficulty to talk, to help them to speak. Finally, the parents of the children to dress their wounds, to treat stomach pain, repairing bicycles, why can not correct the stuttering problem? Children crying, to express their concerns directly the original words verbally “don ‘t you like the way I talk?” ” I n, t sound is difficult, “” the doctor forgot to ask me what the difficulties of pronunciation of the word. “If the child is concerned with problems of fluency of language, there is no need to ignore. Parents can say, “Oh, it is sometimes very difficult to talk about, but it is not always the case, people know how to help him talk.” doctors and parents work together to reduce the flow of confounding factors, the establishment of cure LISP soft skills, behaviour change stuttering in children.