Top 10 Foods You Should Always Have in Your House

It is easy to realize why you cook for yourself is so beneficial ingredients – control, Limited fat, part of the control and guarantee the fresh degree. However, it is difficult to put together a meal, when you don’t have any food in the house. Keep the refrigerator and taste can be difficult especially if you have an erratic schedule, often in due to spoilage garbage junk food. However, only some simple ingredients can go a long way. If you’re in your house have some food items, to ensure that you can throw together, is a delicious, healthy diet and diabetes friendly.

Frozen vegetables: on the contrary, frozen vegetables can be as good as fresh vegetables. They are frozen in be full of vitality in the peak, so that they are rich in vitamins and minerals. Because of its high water and fiber content of vegetables to eat, to provide bulk, and should be used as a base or foundation of your plate. Fill in the non starchy vegetables can help lower blood pressure, body weight and blood glucose. The aim is to make 1/2 your plate with non starchy vegetables. Those who buy no add sauce, butter or salt.

  • How to prepare: heating or steam them with a few tablespoons of water in the microwave oven. (if you have no fresh), be sure to use olive oil and garlic powder sprinkle.
  • What to do with them: put them into the salad and soup or as sandwich list. Vegetable based dishes, build your next lean protein and a complex carbohydrate. Add egg white Omelets or egg speculation leftover vegetables.

Canned beans: beans are rich in fiber filled, lean proteins and folic acid. I more like using the dry beans, but not everyone has the time to cook. On the contrary, the use of canned beans – please be sure to rinse well (to help remove some of the sodium).

  • How to prepare for them: there is no need to prepare work. Only need to open the cans, flushing and use. If you want to be creative, you can spread them and make them into the mud.
  • What to do with them: add bean to the egg scramble, throw them on a salad, or spread coating to a sandwich. Beans can be added to soups, stews and dishes. Although bean health they contain carbohydrates, so must the decomposition of carbohydrates in your diet plan. 1/2 cup is about 20 grams of carbohydrate.

Egg: egg is rich in vitamin D, lutein (promote eye health carotene) and protein. Although many people avoid because of their cholesterol content, study lead us to understand it may not increase the dietary cholesterol in the blood cholesterol of the egg, and saturated, trans fat intake. If you have high cholesterol, it is best to limit egg yolk intake does not exceed 2-3 weekly. On the other hand, egg white is not fat, you can eat every day.

  • How to prepare: climb low until cooked evenly, or in cold water for 5 minutes, rinse under cold water. More tips on cooking the egg, please click here.
  • What to do with them: the egg is a versatile – eat their breakfast, lunch or dinner. Fried egg with vegetable and bean rancher torch or hard cooked, cut into a salad. A week to do the vegetables meat stuffing Fried Eggs cake, eat at any time.

Canned tuna in water: protein rich in Omega -3 fatty acids and lean, tuna is a wonderful addition to eat lunch and dinner. Although the FDA suggested that we increase our intake of fish, is an important monitoring weekly intake, to safely avoid high mercury. If you want to reduce your exposure to mercury, please choose the light tuna (instead of albacore tuna). Consumer reports, a 150 pound man can safely eat every week 5 oz.of albacore tuna and about 13 ounces of the small tuna. For more information, please refer to this article.

  • How to prepare: open cans and drainage (don’t tank oil) and voila – do.
  • To do what with it: Tuna and avocado “Tuna Salad” is healthy. Added to whole grain pasta with cauliflower hearty, high protein, high fiber diet tuna. Mixed salad tuna or make melted low-fat cheese, whole wheat bread and Mustard Mayonnaise instead of lower fatty tuna.

Whole wheat bread: the first element of any 100% whole grain stamp or the world as a whole is considered to be the whole grain bread. Whole wheat bread is rich in fiber and vitamin B. At the time of purchase, the purpose is to select one with limited component, and then select those with 90 Kaluri or less. Two pieces of bread